Top 5 Vintage Looks Traveling Through the Time Machine Into 2017 (And How To Rock them)

June 22, 2017Olivia ChiversBy Olivia Chivers

If you are a millennial who feels like you were born in the wrong generation, now is your second chance. From denim skirts, to embroidered pieces, to the infamous 90’s choker – 2017 might just be a blast from many pasts. Fashion is just one giant circle. While some items are always being added, there...

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How To Restart A Rough Day And Turn It Into Something Awesome

June 16, 2017Kirsty AbbottBy Kirsty Abbott

You slept through your alarm and there’s no milk left for your morning coffee and you just have to give in to the fact that today is just going to be ‘one of those days’. One of those days where the second you get out of bed you’re counting the minutes until you can jump...

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Bridesmaid Hairstyles That Will Save Your BFF’s Big Day!

June 9, 2017Brittany SalleyBy Brittany Salley

Being a bridesmaid can be one of the most satisfying, stressful, and exciting experiences for any young woman. One of your closest friends is getting hitched and has chosen you to share an extra special part of her day! The days of hideous dresses are over and bombshell hair is readily accessible, even if you...

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Top 5 List Of The Most Important Accessories For Music Festivals

June 1, 2017Elisabetta GattiBy Elisabetta Gatti

If you do not have much experience with music festivals, you are probably on the right track  for finding yourself in the middle of a happy, screaming crowd, thinking that you should have brought with you that perfect, smart thing that everyone except you seems to have thought about. Now, because there is nothing like...

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