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What are
Ziggit Pins?

Ziggit pins are stainless steel fashion accessories that allow you to customize your unique message and express anything you want by snapping them to you clothes, whether that be your shoes, your hat, or your bikini! Change or reposition them easily and they won't pierce or damage your clothes! We offer letters, numbers, and symbols and of course, exclusive emojis (we called them Zicons 😉). Join the revolution in self-expression, we're taking it to the streets!

 pins for clothes
Works on most 10-12mm straps
 pin button
Does not damage clothing
 emoji pins
Easy to put on, reposition, and remove.
Patents pending

A next-generation accessory
Pin & Buttons

When you think of fashion accessories, many images likely come to mind: scarves, hats, jewelry, ties, ribbons and bows, and maybe some stylish glasses. We want something sassy, something bright, something to accent that black dress or that dark suit. Or styles and our needs are always morphing for every occasion.But while most people do accessorize, whether intentionally or not, few have the moxie to truly think outside the box and take their accessories to the next level by owning their fashion statements loud and clear. Imagine this: accessories for your accessories. We hope you’re curious, because the next-generation accessory has made an entrance.

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Tell it like it is

While it’s true that nowadays there are very few limits to what people feel comfortable expressing, Ziggit was established on the notion that more of that brazen, matter-of-factness and joie-de-vivre should happen on the streets, in real time, than on a computerized screen. Why should emboldened self-expression stop at the screen? If we can be honest via text message, we should be honest face-to-face. Ziggits are all about shifting the conversation from your keyboard to your style. We dare to ask the question: Why not rise to every possible occasion and simply tell it like it is? So what are Ziggits? Ziggits are the fashion accessories that allow you to text without a cellphone.

Customize your look with Ziggit

Proudly made in Montreal, our Ziggit pins and Zicon emoticon pins allow you to customize anything from a shoelace to a bra strap with fun and expressive letters, numbers, and symbols. These slick little fashion accessories are now available for purchase online and come in a variety of stylized, ready-made kits with three different colors to choose from, depending what mood you’re in. They can also be purchased piece-by-piece, and for those who know exactly what it is they want to tell the world, our site allows you to type in any message you like, to create your very own custom Ziggit kit. Also choose from an entertaining array of multicolored Zicon emoticon pins with which to punctuate your statements.

Nuts and bolts

Ziggits fit perfectly on most 10-12 mm straps. Turn heads by adorning your bra straps, bikinis, gym bras, shoelaces, headbands, belt loops, choker necklaces, and anything else. Ziggits are incredibly easy to put on, reposition, or remove without damaging any clothing. That’s the beauty of it: if you change your mind, you can just change your Ziggits. This means you can walk down the street one day literally wearing your heart on your sleeve, and the next, let the world know that you’re in no mood, with Ziggits faithfully spelling the way: “NOT TODAY.”

We’re all different, so why not acknowledge it?

Think of Ziggits as fashion accessories that double as conversation starters. When anyone can read your uniquely composed, emoticon-laden script that represents how you feel or what you want to convey on a given day, engagement is increased, giving online forums and social media a run for their money. J After all, real life was here first. So say it out loud with Ziggit! Express anything you want and make it to-the-point or subtle. Nuance is a personal choice, and entirely up to you. Originality and uniqueness are what we’re all after, whether we acknowledge it or not. We want to be different without looking like we’re trying. Ziggit urges you to own it and share our mantra with others: “Remember to keep it real. Always express how you feel.”

Self-identify, one day at a time

Ultimately, Ziggits are here to help you be yourself. Our site proudly provides lots of colorful examples of how Ziggits can be worn. Explore and find many vibrant and inspiring images and quotes portraying innovative uses for Ziggit pins, in case you crave some inspiration. We all have something different to share. And that’s the idea behind Ziggits—out loud fashion. So celebrate diversity with us! Our Ziggit letter, number and symbol pins and our exclusive Zicon emoticon pins are perfect for customizing just about anything under the sun. And much like the statements you make online, Ziggits are inherently non-committal. Promise. If you’re not feeling it, our product embodies our fluid-style philosophy and can quickly be transformed into something entirely new and different. So, self-identify, one day at a time.

Shifting the conversation from your keyboard to your style

Ziggit is the snap on accessory that lets you share the perfect combination of letters and graphics about how you feel or the message you’re trying to promote. Social media is a reflection of how every day is a new day, and every day our expressions and perceptions are changing. Ziggit is the fun accessory that lets you express yourself out loud no matter where you go. Check out our style inspiration guides for some tricks and ideas on how to sneak some ziggits into your wardrobe, whether you’re dressing it up or dressing it chill.




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