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Initial Accessories

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Initials pins, accessories for life


If you’re looking for a surefire way to customize an item and truly make it your own, you need look no further than the name your parents passed on to you on the day you were born. Of course, as full names can be a bit tedious, people have been partaking in a phenomenon called monogramming for generations, emblazoning cups and mugs with their personal initials, or having them elegantly embroidered onto clothing and his and hers towel sets. Whether the mark you want to make is about creating the family heirlooms of tomorrow, or simply adding a touch of personalized class to your style, our initial pins are accessories you can count on for a lifetime.

Artists initial their masterpieces, and some people’s signatures consist solely of their initials. With our Ziggit pins you can choose from 3 classy color sets with which to mark any fashion accessory or piece of clothing you wish. And you can change the location of your stylized monogram from day to day, or even hour to hour if you so please. One moment you may feel the finesse of a golden MK on your shirt collar, and the next, that suave finish has migrated to your headband. Partake in an A1 way to create a little mystery, display your legacy and make a lasting impression with initial pin accessories.

Confidence is noted


Donning your initials is a way of drawing attention to the fact that you want to be noticed, and that you’re worth noticing. It’s a confident move, and an effective conversation starter. People may not know at first what CC stands for, and so may strike up a conversation. Wearing your initials is not just any old fashion choice; it can be a powerful icebreaker and a way of establishing contact with just about anyone.
So don’t hold back. Ziggits stand for honest confidence, and that’s what we’re gifting you with: the ability to proudly sport our pins in any combination you so choose. Got a few initials that spell something interesting? Add a touch of humour to the mix by coming up with an initial-based play on words. The possibilities are infinite when it comes to the glory of your own name. We’ve got your back (or your front, or your side, as the case may be). Style it up with our chic initial pins, accessories you’ll hold on to.