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Men’s Accessories

Men's Acessories

Fashion Accessories for Men: in favour of flavour


Long gone are the days when men’s fashion accessories were far exceeded by the choices available to the ladies. Yeah, sure, for a long time, men were expected to tone down their colors, their flair, and their flash in favor of a flavor that could be taken more seriously. Adults wear black, brown and grey after all.

But, men, in case you missed the memo, we’re here to let you know that you can look smart without wearing a suit and be taken seriously as a professional and on the street without having to hide your true feelings or color cravings. When it comes to selecting men’s fashion accessories, it’s now officially ok to defy like tie-dye.

After all, fashion is not all that’s changed in this supposed man’s world. Men no longer need to look and dress tough because men no longer need to be gruff and tough. No more needing to come off as the wood-chopping, bacon-bringing type. More honest expression in fashion trends runs parallel to trends in emotional intelligence and expression. Men are learning to express their feelings, and guess what? They can be really good at it.

And here is the beauty of this day in age: choice is everything. If you’re a rough, edgy man who wants to keep dressing in your rough, edgy way, you can do that too, but without compromising your capacity to honestly express whatever you please.

Ziggits hot off the press


In the world of men’s fashion accessories, Ziggits are new and hot off the press. Now you can incorporate your fave words, tags, labels, expressions, or symbols into your look with Ziggit’s quick clip-on magic. Replace your stately cufflinks with letters, numbers, or emoticons that actually mean something. Let a zany Ziggit stand in for one or two buttons on your cozy plaid shirt. Use your shoelaces as a vehicle for mischievous messaging as you move through your day. Adorn your suspenders, your sexy man belts, the silky straps on your fuzzy fedoras, and even your bandana neckerchiefs.

Sometimes, we don’t even know we have something to say until we are offered the chance to say it. Then, suddenly, bam, you know it in your heart of hearts. And one of your badass cornrows can say it for you: B-A-M. Who says your hair can’t be accessorized too, if it’s the right shape and size?  That’s what these men’s fashion accessories are all about: thinking outside the box, promoting creativity, and seeing things from a new perspective.

Using your words to tell your thoughts and feelings is not an activity relegated to women’s worlds any longer. The more you tell, the stronger you are, not the other way around. Word on the street is that holding back is weak. So roll out of bed, eat a hearty meal, seize your Ziggits, and seize the day. That’s our recipe for a high quality life.