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Emoji Accessories

emoji accesories

Emoji accessories are only human


For as long as humans have existed, we have been creating rich arrays of symbols to visually and efficiently portray larger ideas, concepts, and messages. It is human nature to want to communicate, and imagery-based shorthand is a natural extension of that desire. So it is no surprise that even though we’re no longer scrawling figures onto cave walls, we have found new ways of saying what we mean without words, and new ways of punctuating our words with symbols. The online world is a rainbow treasure trove of expressive emoticon and emoji facial expressions, symbols, and pictorial representations. From social media to mobile apps, nearly every digital space out there is overflowing with this oh-so-human world of symbology. So it’s only natural then, that we take advantage of this same trunk of tricks in the real world. That’s where Zicon emoji accessories come in.

Extra! Extra! Read all about it


There are an infinite number of ways to use emoji accessories to fulfill your will. You can wear ‘em any which way, for starters: a tornado clip-on decorating your hair elastic on a whirlwind day; a pile of poo stuck to your shoe when that’s where you’re at, or a mesmerizing little spiral on your bathing suit strap when you feel like philosophizing at the beach. Or you might choose to give your text-based Ziggit messages that crucial extra kick by sprinkling them with more than just numbers and punctuation marks. Our multi-colored Zicon emoticon pins are exactly that: Extra! Extra! Kick, punch, and zing.

Kit and kaboodle


If the very existence of our huge selection of fun and shiny emoji accessories is not enough to floor you and set your head spinning with the possibility of it all, then maybe you don’t know the whole story. Our ready-made kits allow you to come across the flashy finds you didn’t even know you were yearning for. Our piece-by-piece selection allows you to choose from our complete roster of Zicons. And perhaps most exciting, our make-your-own kits allow you to, well, completely self-create. With this layering of choice upon choice, we hope you finally get what Ziggits are all about: we help bring out the world’s natural highlights by helping people bring out theirs, one clip-on statement at a time.